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Jingle Bells Piano Duet (Grade 1)

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About 'Jingle Bells' Piano Duet
The song that seemingly every Piano student wants to learn! It's an even level duet that's perfect for late beginners at about at Grade 1 standard.

Player 1 has most of the melody, and player 2 is mostly harmony. I try to get my students to learn both parts so that they understand how the two parts fit together. Player 1s part is likely to seem slightly easier and be quicker to learn because the melody is so familiar. 

The key is F major; the highest/lowest ledger line used is middle C. I wrote it with the intention for both players to be using the same Piano.

The pdf includes a full score (3 pages) and each part seperately (2 pages each) so you can use whichever version works best for your students. 

A full colour cover, and a minimal colour cover are included for you to print out if you wish.

Licences offered by Nocturne Notes
This product comes with a: Single Teacher Licence.
You may download, print and give the materials to an indefinite number of students provided that they are your OWN PERSONAL students. This licence does not expire.
You will get a PDF (3MB) file

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